Energy / Battieries

Energy / Batteries Research


Energy storage and energy generation are essential technologies that will shape our future daily life and manufacturing processes. With the development of solar cells, rechargeable batteries, and fuel cells, renewable energy resources can be utilized more efficiently.

Technical Focus: The faculty in the School of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering focus on the development of new materials and manufacturing processes for future solar cell, battery, and other energy related applications.


  • 2D layered materials for energy and electronics
  • Electrochemical Catalysts
  • Flow batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries and Solid-state electrolytes
  • Organic solar cells
  • Polymer exchange membrane for fuel cell and photoelectrochemical processes
  • Polymer thin films for CO2 separation
  • Perovskite solar cells



Recent Publications

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Dr. Yu Zhu
Phone: 330-972-5290