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Our research in Polymer Engineering is dedicated to providing leadership technologies involving a broad base of commercially viable polymer-related materials, processes and products through the development and application of our core competencies. We focus on the practical applications of scientific and engineering principles to generate new materials and processing concepts and enhance technical problem solving capabilities related to the production and use of polymers. The school is also home to the National Polymer Innovation Center (NPIC), which houses facility at the leading edge of polymer advanced manufacturing specializing in functional multilayer film processing and advanced materials development.

Faculty expertise spans the polymer technology spectrum from new designs of functional polymers, conventional polymer processing, rheology, coatings, porous materials fabrication, to advanced micro/nanofabrication, additive manufacturing, and multiscale modeling.



Research News

Recent Publications

  • Liu, S.; Kasbe, P. S.; Yang, M.; Shen, N.; Duan, L.; Mao, Y.; Xu, W. Intimately Bonded 2D Materials and Responsive Polymer Brushes for Adaptive Nanocomposites. Polymer 2020, 210, 123033.
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  • Pantoja, M.; Jian, P.-Z,; Cakmak, M. Cavicchi, K.A. Shape Memory Properties of Polystyrene-block-Poly(ethylene-co-butylene)-block-Polystyrene (SEBS) ABA Triblock Copolymer Thermoplastic Elastomers ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2019, 1, 414-424.
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Dr. Kevin Cavicchi
Phone: 330-972-8368
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Dr. Mark D. Soucek
Phone: 330-972-2583
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