An overview of some of the major initiatives at The University of Akron.

Three-Year Action Plan and Reorganization Proposals

Collectively developed in 2018, the Three-Year Action Plan builds on our notable areas of strength, provides a strategic direction for the University and outlines the important decisions and actions needed to help the University be distinctive in a competitive environment.

Three-Year Action Plan

Reorganization Proposals

Academic Program Review & Administrative Activities Review

In 2018, we carried out self-studies of all academic programs and all administrative functions throughout the University. The results of both initiatives have provided a wealth of data and information that will inform our forthcoming Three-year Action Plan and the FY2020 budgets.

Academic Program Review

Administrative Activities Review

'Making a Difference' for students

We are raising funds for scholarships through the "Make a Difference, Moving Forward" campaign.

Last fall, 72 percent of our students received financial aid. The need for support grows each year, as student financial aid from other sources declines. That makes your scholarship gifts more valuable than ever.

Learn how you can make a world of difference by supporting UA students.

Varsity and club esports

Mock jersey for UA's esports teamWe are one of the first 50 universities in the country to officially roll out a varsity esports team.

Our Blue and Gold varsity teams compete against other universities in League of Legends, Rocket League, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Overwatch. Our club program includes even more games, and players of all ability levels are welcome.

By embracing esports, The University of Akron attracts even more top students while providing an innovative pathway for students to flourish academically, socially and professionally.

UA's esports program is based in our prestigious Williams Honors College.

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