Statement from President Gary L. Miller on the AAUP vote on the tentative agreement


As you may be aware, today the Akron-AAUP membership failed to ratify the tentative agreement discussed, negotiated and drafted over a three-month period by both the Akron-AAUP and the University. Ratification of that tentative agreement represented the best hope of ensuring the financial future of The University of Akron in the COVID-19 era.  

The vote does not change the financial outlook of the University. As we have demonstrated, the University must take substantial action to reduce expenditures this fiscal year. The measures we have taken, including the recent faculty reduction in force, if it remains in place, will enable the University to address the severe financial difficulties that it now faces. No solution to our challenges can be accomplished without a significant reduction in force. What the vote does is create uncertainty about what type of reduction in force we will have and how much of our limited and precious reserves we will have to spend to accomplish it.

Although I am deeply disappointed in the vote of the Akron-AAUP membership. I will continue to work to ensure a sustainable future for the University.