The University welcomed the entering class at InfoCision Stadium - Summa Field on Aug. 22.  The class has the highest average GPA of any class in UA history, and it has a record number of Honors students.

Progress to Vision 2020 Goals

The Fall 2014 entering class comes better prepared to succeed and joins thousands of current University of Akron students who are making significant strides in academic performance.  The result is higher retention rates and an improved outlook for overall academic achievement across our diverse student body.

2013-2014 accomplishments include:

  • The highest number of applications in UA history, more than 18,700 helping to stem the tide of declining enrollment.
  • The highest average GPA (3.37) in history in the 2014 entering class of first-time, full-time freshmen.
    • Enrollment is up 7.97% from a year ago and the average GPA -- the best predictor of college success -- is up slightly to 3.37 (from 3.29 last year).  Their average ACT is 23.36 compared to 23.42 the year before.
  • The largest entering Honors freshman class with total Honors College enrollment at an all-time high.
    • The Honors College is seeing record enrollment with 578 new freshmen students (compared to 354 last year) and an increase in minorities enrolled, from 4.2% last year to 9.0% in this year's entering Honors freshman class.  The overall enrollment of all Honors students is a record 1,833.  Entering Honors freshmen in 2014 averaged a 3.92 GPA and a 28.9 ACT.
  • Significant gains in retention of all students who entered as freshmen in fall 2013.
    • Overall retention of the traditional cohort of freshmen (from fall 2013 to fall 2014) is 73.9%, up 7.5 percentage points from 66.4% for the entering cohort of 2012. 
  • The highest number of minority entering freshmen honors students, and significant strides in retention among all minority freshmen who entered in 2013.
    • Minority students comprise one-quarter of the entering class, and nearly 7% of the entering class comes from outside the state of Ohio.
  • An increase number of students (up at least 12%) are receiving scholarship funding as the university increased general scholarship funds based upon merit and provided more scholarships to more students.

Source: Data provided by Institutional Research