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An academic experience like no other

Students at the start of their educational journey at The University of Akron begin their studies gaining the broad skills and broad knowledge that leads to specialized skills and knowledge development. As students begin their academic careers, they will complement their foundational curriculum with connections to a broader campus community found through The Akron Experience.

The Akron Experience is an approach that ensures a rigorous academic program enhanced by meaningful and integrated experiences outside of the classroom. It will help students develop talents into strengths and master critical core competencies. It integrates learning inside and outside of the classroom, with particular attention to the whole experience of living and learning at UA as a gateway to the world. Through it, graduates will have a lasting, significant connection to the University.

Engagement opportunities outside of the classroom are inspired and informed by the learning and growth that occurs in the curriculum. Students will experience a continuum of selected tools and activities during their time here.

From pre-enrollment skill assessments and first year structured experiences to extended opportunities for co-ops and tradition building senior experiences, a well-defined structure of experiences will guide students to take part in activities they may have never experienced or considered before.

Implementation of The Akron Experience will begin this fall in a number of coordinated activities including the cultural passport, MAP-Works and related student interventions, career assessment opportunities, and the start of a robust web portal to connect students virtually and provide easy access to resources.

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