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A new model for student achievement

Academic preparedness is a key indicator of student success. Our commitment to academic preparedness influences our approach to keeping students on a pathway to graduation. We know that we can increase persistence by who receives admission to the University. We also know that we can positively affect all UA applicants by guiding them to the college and/or career pathway that will lead them to even greater levels of success. Implementation of this approach has begun for the 2012-2013 academic year, and will continue to be phased in over the next few years.

Inclusive Pathways

The Inclusive Pathways approach addresses college preparedness on the basis of several academic indicators, and identifies students according to their preparedness levels: College-ready, Emergent and Preparatory. Identifying students at one of these three preparedness levels helps us to better focus on the persistence of our entire student body a distinctive approach to academic achievement.

College-ready students have ACT scores of 21 or greater. They have demonstrated high achievement throughout high-school and are ready to pursue academically challenging coursework that leads directly to degree completion. The Inclusive Pathways approach benefits them with direct admission into majors, accelerated learning opportunities, and more direct interactions with faculty.

Emergent students have ACT scores ranging from 17 to 20. Their high school GPAs demonstrate the ability and desire to achieve through personal effort. They will benefit from admittance as pre-majors and the receipt of intentional, intensive, and if necessary, intrusive support for major readiness. In this manner, their path to major programs will be streamlined.

Preparatory students are those with ACT scores of 16 and below. Their academic performance requires significant additional development and specialized support. Because of their additional needs, it is noted that these students often bear higher costs because of the additional coursework they must take.

The Inclusive Pathways approach addresses their additional needs with Wayne College offerings, or direct access to community colleges that provide the academic services they require. Upon associate degree completion and/or GPA performance, they will be welcomed to The University of Akron.

This approach establishes a better foundation to prepare all students for successful academic careers. Through it, we support their, and our, ultimate goal graduation.


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