Council of Deans - Office of Academic Affairs

The Provost serves as the chief academic officer of the University and has overall responsibility for the institution's educational and research programs within colleges and units.

The Council of Deans report to the Provost. The Council meets twice a month with the Provost and are joined by college and Academic Affairs leadership once a month to enhance communication and collaboration across the University.

Meeting Documents

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02-04-14 Council of Deans Debrief.pdf
02-04-14 Council of Deans Debrief
02-25-14 Council of Deans Debrief
03-25-14 Council of Deans Debrief.pdf
03-25-14 Council of Deans Debrief
03-25-14 Council of Deans State Share of Instruction Presentation
06-03-14 Council of Deans Debrief.pdf
06-03-14 Council of Deans Debrief
07-29-14 Council of Deans Debrief.pdf
07-29-14 Council of Deans Debrief
07-29-14 Faculty and Staff Positions Memo.pdf
07-29-14 Faculty and Staff Positions Memo
07-29-14 President Provost Meetings with College Academic Leadership.pdf
07-29-14 President Provost Meetings with College Academic Leadership
07-29-14 President Scarborough Leadership Presentation.pdf.pdf
07-29-14 President Scarborough Leadership Presentation.pdf
08-26-14 Council of Deans Debrief.pdf
08-26-14 Council of Deans Debrief
08-26-14 President Scarborough Leadership Presentation.pdf.pdf
08-26-14 President Scarborough Leadership Presentation.pdf
10-28-14 Council of Deans Debrief.pdf
10-28-14 Council of Deans Debrief
11-25-14 Council of Deans Debrief.pdf
11-25-14 Council of Deans Debrief