General Education Advisory Committee

The General Education Advisory Committee reviews the core of courses that provide the skills and knowledge considered essential for all graduates of the University. The General Education Program is designed to ensure, insofar as possible, that our graduates will possess:

  • The capacity for critical, independent thought.
  • A personal sense of values, tempered by tolerance and a regard for the rights of others.
  • The ability to use language effectively as a medium of both thought and expression
  • The analytical skills necessary to make sound qualitative and quantitative judgments.
  • The ability to describe and explain differences in civilizations and cultures.
  • An understanding of the conditions that affect them as individuals and as members of society.
  • The capacity to evaluate intellectual and artistic achievements.
  • A knowledge of science, technology, and mathematics and their effects on human activities.
  • A knowledge of positive mental and physical health practices.

Meeting Minutes & Reports