General Education Transformation Steering Committee

In late 2011, Provost Sherman convened the General Education Transformation Steering Committee and charged it with recommending a revised framework for our General Education curriculum.

A guiding principle is the need to move from a segmented model in which general education is often seen as separate (the first two years) from degree programs to a more fully integrated model in which general education serves as the essential infrastructure for degree programs. 

See the General Education requirements for fall 2017 and afterward

Steering Committee membership:

  • Linda Subich, Arts and Sciences (Chair)
  • John Green, Arts and Sciences
  • Elizabeth Mancke, Arts and Sciences
  • David Perry, Arts and Sciences
  • Janet Bean, Arts and Sciences
  • Linda Saliga, Arts and Sciences
  • Annie Hanson, Arts and Sciences Advising
  • Beth Graham, Creative and Professional Arts
  • Brooks Toliver, Creative and Professional Arts
  • Andrew Rancer, Creative and Professional Arts
  • Sheldon Wrice, Summit College
  • Irina Chernikova, Summit College
  • Tim Lillie, Education
  • Marlene Huff, Nursing
  • Don Visco, Engineering
  • Thomas Calderone, Business
  • Bill Rich, Law
  • Virginia Gunn, Health Sciences and Human Services
  • Katie Duff, Student Trustee
  • Mary Beth Clemons, Associated Student Government
  • Jennifer Holz, Wayne College
  • Joe Salem, University Libraries

Learn more about the committee and its work.