Message from the Provost

Thursday, Nov. 20, 2012

Dear Colleagues:

Over the past several months, I had the privilege to serve on the Chancellor’s Complete College Ohio Task Force that focused on ways to improve graduation rates and lessen the time to complete degree requirements. Many of the Task Force’s recommendations are underway including:

  • Three-year pathways to degree completion;
  • Providing increased access to co-op and internships to improve the likelihood of job placement within six months of graduation; and
  • Campus-wide efforts to review and revise advising that is targeted to student needs.

Implementing the recommendations is important because the distribution of the state-share of instruction funds will be adjusted to better recognize degree completion via retention and persistence; graduates in STEM-focused programs; regional campus associate degree completion; and undergraduate students who come from out of state, graduate and remain employed in Ohio. 

The foundational message of our strategic plan, Vision 2020, is that when our students succeed, we all succeed. In order for them to reach their highest potential, we must all proactively participate in their success. Each interaction is an opportunity to improve retention and persistence, the mainstay to achieve our graduation objective of at least 60%. Proactive participation also means a campus-wide effort to review and provide feedback on important initiatives that affect student success, such as the HLC self-study for the reaffirmation of our regional accreditation and General Education reform.

From the first time our students step foot on campus, to the day they graduate, each member of this University has the ability to positively impact their success. I look forward to our continued efforts to accomplish the goals for student success that we have set for ourselves. I am confident that with your continued active participation in our important campus initiatives, we will help our students achieve their ultimate goal -- graduation with successful job or graduate/professional school placement.

Thank you for all you do to make this a great university, and Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes to you and your families,


William M. “Mike” Sherman
Senior Vice President and Provost/COO