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May 15, 2013


Deans, Department Chairs, School Directors and Faculty


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W. Michael (Mike) Sherman


Academic Program Review Draft Recommendations

Over the past several weeks, Deans along with Department Chairs and School Directors have had the opportunity to review and respond to the recent draft Academic Program Review reports and recommendations, in consultation with their faculty. The reports and subsequent unit responses will help to inform my assessment of our academic programs.

Access to the Academic Program Review SharePoint site is now being granted to all Deans, Department Chairs, School Directors and faculty. The academic program review materials are located at:

Once you log into the SharePoint site, select "Shared Documents." You will see college specific folders and a "Draft 2013 Reports" folder. College specific folders contain the original program review reports and subsequent unit updates. The draft reports in the "Draft 2013 Reports" folder are the most current set of academic program reviews that have been distributed to Deans and Department Chairs/School Directors.

This year's review of all academic units included a personal interview with the Department Chair or School Director in addition to the fall 2012 update report submitted by each unit and institutional data utilized in preparing the draft reports.

We will also be uploading the department/school and college responses to the draft Academic Program Review reports and recommendations to the SharePoint site as they are submitted.

If you have questions, please contact Sabrina Andrews ( or ext. 2473) who will coordinate with Drs. Chand Midha and Rex Ramsier to respond accordingly.

For your reference, the names of the 2012-13 and 2005-11 Academic Program Review Committee members are noted below.

2012-13 Academic Program Review Committee Members

Dr. Chand Midha *

Chair, Program Review Committee
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Ms. Sabrina Andrews

Director, Institutional Research

Dr. Bill Hauser

Associate Professor of Marketing and Director, College of Business Administration

Dr. Marlene Huff

Professor of Nursing, College of Health Professions

Dr. Susan J. Olson

Associate Dean, College of Education

Dr. Rex D. Ramsier *

Vice Provost, Academic Programs and Operations

Dr. Shiva Sastry

Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Mark B. Tausig

Associate Dean, Graduate School

Dr. Joe Wilder

Professor of Mathematics, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Sheldon Wrice

Professor of Associate Studies, Summit College

* Did not participate in the interviews with Department Chairs/School Directors and did not participate in the development of the draft reports.

2005-2011 Academic Program Review Committee Members

Chand Midha, Chair

Charles Monroe

Sabrina Andrews

Susan Olson

Richard Aynes

Rex Ramsier

Cynthia Capers

Mark Tausig

James Lynn