TO: Faculty and staff
FROM: President Luis Proenza and Provost William M. (Mike) Sherman
DATE: September 17, 2013
RE: Carnegie Foundation community engagement application

Since our founding in 1870, The University of Akron has committed to be in partnership with our sponsoring community, region and beyond in fulfilling our mission of teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.

In 2008, the Carnegie Foundation recognized UA with the designation of Advancement Classification of Curriculum Engagement and Outreach and Partnerships, a distinction of documentable excellence.

A university-wide committee is now working to prepare an application for continuing our designation, which must be submitted in April, 2014; the successful institutions will be announced in 2015.

As part of the Carnegie Foundation application, we must show evidence of how community engagement has become deeper, more pervasive, better integrated, and sustained at The University of Akron. In the next few weeks, faculty and staff will be asked to respond to a survey about how their classes or endeavors on behalf of the University contribute to UA’s community engagement commitments and initiatives. The committee also is seeking information about community engagement activities that have occurred since our last application. We will have an opportunity to showcase new and on-going programs which are mutually beneficial and show reciprocity with our partners. The application process allows the University to reflect upon its engagement strengths as well as areas of needed improvement as we measure our practices against national standards and best practices.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this extremely important process.

Should you have questions, please contact Karla Mugler, associate vice president, Office of Academic Affairs, who is chairing UA’s Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Committee. She can be reached at or by calling ext. 6248.


Luis Proenza 

Luis Proenza, President

 William M. "Mike" Sherman

William M. "Mike" Sherman, Senior Vice President and
Provost/Chief Operating Officer