Message from the Provost

April 19, 2011

We are pleased, Dear Colleagues . . .

. . . to share a narrative version of our evolving document, Vision 2020: The New Gold Standard in University Performance.

This document has been revised a number of times using feedback from the Strategic Planning Committee and the Office of Academic Affairs, and after consultation with the Educational Policy and Student Affairs Committee and the Strategy Committee of the Board of Trustees. Thus, this narrative version of the strategic plan has been refined, and possible metrics and leadership for the strategies have been identified.

Now we need your feedback and input. During the next several weeks, please read, ponder and discuss this narrative version of Vision 2020 with your colleagues -- envisioning how you and your unit can align with the proposed strategies and initiatives. We will be asking each department chair/school director, dean and vice president to host meetings before the end of the semester to secure feedback from his or her personnel and to submit that unit-level feedback. We will also secure feedback from various advisory committees and the Faculty Senate. Finally, if you have individual feedback that is not unit-level specific, please submit your thoughts and comments to no later than June 1.

Throughout the summer, we will consult with the Board of Trustees and hope to secure its endorsement before or very early in the next academic year.

Vision 2020 will be a living document, reviewed and adjusted annually, to assure that we continue on our trajectory toward greater achievement and impact. Thank you for your participation in the strategic planning process.

Download the document .

With every good wish,


Luis M. Proenza

W. Michael "Mike" Sherman
Senior Vice President, Provost and Chief Operating Officer