Provost Update Oct. 9, 2018


Provost Update
October 9, 2018
As a follow up to a suggestion by the University Council Communication Committee, here is another update so that all faculty, chairs/directors and deans have the same information on matters of importance to our academic mission. If anyone has other areas that might be addressed in future communications, please email them to for consideration. View previous Provost Updates here.
Presentation to Board Committee

An overview of Retention and Graduation rates was presented to the Board on October 4, 2018.  A comparison between Georgia State University and UA is also provided here for your information; this was discussed with the Board of Trustees in June. All of us need to work together to improve retention, persistence, and graduation of our students.

Here are other informational reports that were presented to the Academic Issues and Student Success Committee of the Board on October 4, 2018: