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Student success profiles

One highlight of each Board of Trustee meeting is the presentation by one or more of our stellar students. Here we profile the students who have recently spoken before Board members about their Akron Experiences.

Future entrepreneur can engineer his own products

The University of Akron


Vishal Chaurasia, who graduated in May 2015 with a B.S. in Polymer Mechanical Engineering, summa cum laude, is continuing at UA to earn an MBA. He is on a dual career path — to innovate and commercialize the technology he creates.


Life-long learning began early for this UA student

The University of Akron


Symphonie D. Smith grew up on The University of Akron campus, from the Strive Toward Excellence Program when she was 11 to her current pursuit of a doctorate in counselor education and supervision. She credits UA with giving her the tools to help herself, and others, succeed.

This future engineer thrives on perpetual motion

The University of Akron


Melissa Boswell has found a way to do it all — classes, undergrad research, co-ops, campus involvement and volunteering — for a rich Akron Experience.

Challenge of providing clean water drives this engineer

The University of Akron


Eddie Machek asks himself the same question in every situation: “What can I learn from this experience and how will it help me tomorrow?”

The University of Akron


Unexpected detour led this grad to right career for him

A brush with failure set Christopher Petsko on a search to find his true calling. Thanks to his Akron Experience, he did.

May graduate hopes to engineer medical breakthroughs

The University of Akron


Renee Calderon’s Akron Experience led her to a role on a research project that may one day improve cancer treatment, and a career path in medical research.

Rebecca Wehr's travels bring her 'home' to Akron

The University of Akron


Rebecca Wehr brought a variety of real-world experience with her when she began work on a master's degree in arts administration, and has gained even more during her years here.

Where is Jacqueline Slack headed? Google her to find out

The University of Akron


Jacqueline Slack will be applying the integrated marketing communications knowledge she's gained in the classroom and through internships when she joins Google in June.

Dream of career in science coming true

The University of Akron


Gladys Montenegro-Galindo traveled from her native Colombia to UA to earn a Ph.D. in Polymer Science.

New grad combines military service and degree to reach career goal

The University of Akron


Jeffrey Simko hopes to use the skills he's gained in the classroom and in serving his country to become a U.S. Marine Corps officer.

For this UA student, hard work pays off

The University of Akron


Michael Martin is a first-generation, adult student who has overcome many obstacles to earn the education that will help him reach his career goals.

Music, travel, volunteer work: Future M.D.’s full ‘Akron Experience’

The University of Akron


Isabella Bartholomew has spent her time at UA learning, growing and giving back. Next stop? Medical school.

One course in business puts student on new career path

The University of Akron


When Tatiana Granger decided to shift careers, from teaching to business, she says it was her Akron Experience that helped her bridge the divide and succeed.

The ‘Paulamer’ chain: Connecting research and industry

The University of Akron


Paula Watt will become Dr. Watt later this year. She says pursuing a Ph.D. in polymer science at UA was like "coming home."

Stephanie Rymer heading to the front of the class

The University of Akron


This second generation UA grad is fulfilling a nearly life-long dream to become a teacher. 

Same mission, different tactics: soldier turns student

The University of Akron


Michael Kohler's U.S. Army career ended abruptly when he was injured in Baghdad. Twenty-one surgeries later, his mission, like his leg, remains intact: to serve the public. 

This future doctor to focus on four-legged patients

The University of Akron


Rachel Rielinger's Akron Experience provided undergraduate research opportunities that have helped put her on the path to achieving her goal to become a veterinarian.  

Sergey Vorontsov fascinated by winged flight

The University of Akron


The Akron Experience of polymer engineering Ph.D. student Sergey Vorontsov includes classwork, research and a pursuit of his love of aeronautics on the Aero Design Team.

Gregory Sauline marches to the beat of his own drum — literally

The University of Akron


Heading into his senior year, the future teacher reflects on his Akron Experience and how UA has given him the chance to shine in the spotlight in a most unique way.

'Natural advocate' ready for law career

The University of Akron


Robert Campbell has not let blindness deter him, and is now preparing for the Ohio Bar Exam and a career as a trial attorney after his years at UA.

Promising novelist hones his craft at UA

The University of Akron


Christopher Drabick says his Akron Experience has helped him become a better writer as he pursues a career as a novelist.

Can you really change lives with a toothbrush?

The University of Akron

Rosen, Arnold, Snyder

Erin Rosen, left, Molly Arnold and Kelsey Snyder have already made their mark on a global scale by bringing good health practices to children in Bangalore, India.