Curriculum Proposal System

The curriculum proposal process is a method established to enable faculty to generate new curricula and to propose changes to existing curricula so that our academic programs remain fresh and relevant.  In 2009, The University of Akron launched a project to improve the curriculum proposal process and its supporting information system.  Phase I of the project, was completed in November 2009, and focused on gathering technical requirements of the approval process at the University level. Phase II, implementing the new University level process and system, was completed in February 2011.  Phase III, completed in November 2011, concluded after the team met with all the colleges, documented the workflow within each, and implemented those flows in the system.

The Curriculum Proposal System has been fully operational since Fall 2011.  Presently, IT is working on several system enhancements, to improve the flow of the proposals and assist users in navigating the system.  Proposed enhancements can be viewed on the Sharepoint site. 

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General questions can be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs.

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