Celebrating Achievement

Congratulations to the 2013 award winners:

Outstanding Teacher

Michelle Boltz

Michelle Boltz
Clinical Instructor, School of Nutrition and Dietetics

Ms. Boltz is widely recognized by her colleagues for her dedication to student success. For the last ten years, she has encouraged and supported students, enthusiastically guiding them at clinical practice sites, in internships and as an adviser for the Student Dietetics Association. Her dedication also led to her work with developing core competencies for programs within the College of Health Professions and at the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron.

Outstanding Teacher - Mentor of First-year Students

Mary Verstraete

Mary Verstraete, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Biomedical Engineering

Professor Verstraete is responsible for creating the undergraduate program in BME, and has supported the amazing growth in the freshman class sizes. She served as director of the Women in Engineering Program – twice. And she even developed Biomedical Engineering’s introductory course – Tools for Biomedical Engineering – teaching over 600 students since its inception.

Outstanding Researcher

John Huss

John Huss, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Philosophy

John Huss’ background in geology and geophysical sciences has led him to be, in the words of his nominator:

“The paradigm of interdisciplinary and collaboration between the arts and the sciences,” and “[The combination of] an excellent teacher and researcher.”

In addition to regularly teaching several ethics courses, for which he is highly regarded by students and colleagues alike, he is currently serving as co-investigator on a National Institutes of Health P50 Grant: “Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law” with the Department of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University.

Exemplary University Service Award - Staff

Simon Stakleff

Simon Stakleff
NRM Electronics Specialist, Chemistry

As an NMR Electronics Specialist, Mr. Stakleff maintains, repairs and modifies sophisticated instruments valuing over $10 million.

Not only does he support more than 40 faculty research groups and the Magnetic Resonance Center, he also takes the time to teach students about the technical aspects of the NMR instruments. His instruction adds greatly to their Akron Experience – helping them to be more effective in the positions they take upon receiving their degrees.

Exemplary University Service Award - Contract Professional

Charlene Kemp-Queener

Charlene Kemp-Queener
Assistant Director, Adult Focus

Ms. Kemp-Queener has been instrumental in the growth of the UA Adult Focus office and the array of services provided to adult learners at the University. In addition, she has served as liaison to the Military Services Center and developed a veteran-specific Student Success Seminar.

She is an active member of the University community, serving on the Welcome Week and Status of Women Committees, as well as serving as a BS/MD and Honors College Scholarship interviewer.