Computers and Telephones

UANet ID and password

Each faculty member is assigned a unique identifier for log in, registration, grades, and other purposes. This unique identifier is called a UAnet ID. As soon as Human Resources & Talent Development (330-972-7090) has entered your hire information into the University’s system (PeopleSoft), you can apply for your UANet ID and password by going to the User Password website or calling the ZipSupport Desk at 330-972-6888. They will assign your UANet ID and initial password.  You should change the pre-assigned password for your ID as soon as you receive it.  The UAnet Services Web site at  allows you to obtain and change the password and email settings for your ID.

A UAnet ID is created for all employees upon hire to the University and is printed on your Zip Card, which provides access to various online systems and services.  With your UAnet ID and password, you will have access to your office computer, UA e-mail account, Zipspace (personal web pages and file storage), on-campus internet access, MyAkron (personal employee information), including access to your UA e-mail account when off-campus.  


The University of Akron offers a web-based email system for all employees that you can use anywhere Internet access is available. Your email address is your UANet ID plus You can access your email account from your office computer on the desktop under MS Outlook or with a Web browser at


All phones are connected to a voicemail system. You can access your messages from anywhere on or off campus by dialing 330-972-8000. For information on how to set up your personal voice mail box go to

My Akron

My Akron is your access to University of Akron services, such as Springboard (our learning management system), free software downloads, employee benefits, software training support, registration, grades and more. Log into My Akron.

The ZipSupport Center 330-972-6888

Contact ZipSupport if you need assistance about computers and software; contact if you need to activate your UAnet ID, change your password, or have problems with your dial-up internet service. Also visit Bierce Library back of main lobby, Polsky Building third floor, or To find out about the Zip Support Center’s office hours, visit its site at

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