Resources for Your Students

Counseling services 330-972-7082 and Help-A-Zip referrals 330-972-7979

College can be stressful for students as they balance academics with their lives outside of the classroom. If you are aware of someone in distress you can make a referral through the University’s Help-A-Zip early alert system. If the person you are concerned about is experiencing a crisis or this an emergency, please contact the University of Akron Police Department at 330-972-2911.

Comprehensive psychological services are offered to currently enrolled students at the Counseling Center for free. A culturally diverse staff of licensed psychologists and doctoral trainees provide psychological counseling and psychotherapy, career counseling, testing services, outreach and consultation to the university community.

Academic Advising 330-972-7430

Meeting with an adviser on a regular basis is very important for student success. The Center for Academic Advising and Student Success encourages students to come in early in the semester to look at what classes come next, talk about majors, make an academic plan with their adviser or process their Intercollege Transfer.

Tutoring Services

The University has two tutoring centers on campus that provide free assistance to currently enrolled students. The centers are located in Bierce Library and The Polsky Building.

Peer tutoring is available for General Education courses and for most first- and second-year courses, including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Sociology, Psychology, Science, Business, and Modern Languages. Tutoring is conducted either on an individual basis or in small groups. Interested students should inquire in Bierce Library 68.

Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to be peer tutors; a nationally-certified training program for tutors is provided every semester. As faculty, you can help identify students who would make excellent tutors.

Peer Mentors and Learning Assistants

Peer Mentoring is a one-on-one relationship between an experienced UA student (mentor) and a new first-year student (mentee). This relationship is voluntary, and it develops over a period of time with clearly defined roles and expectations. Various Peer Mentoring programs exist at UA operating under the premise that students who are connected with peer mentors will feel less isolated, enhancing their first-year experience. Additional benefits of Peer Mentoring include enhanced motivation and discipline, and academic and professional support.  

Learning Assistants (330-972-5366) are specially trained peer tutors who have been recruited to assist students in the learning process. Learning Assistants are partnered with Faculty Mentors, and work as a team to advance students’ confidence in their ability to think critically and to problem-solve independently. Because Learning Assistants have already mastered key study strategies themselves, they can model these learning techniques for the students who seek their assistance both inside and outside the classroom.

The following presentations describe UA’s peer mentoring program and explain how faculty can embed these mentors in their classes.  To request a Peer Mentor for your class, click here

Peer Mentors:  Who They Are, What They Do

Other Peer Mentor Resources:

The Honors Peer Mentoring Program

Residence Life & Housing Living-Learning Communities

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