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Akron History

Akron, Ohio is the county seat and largest metropolitan area of Summit County. There are about 200,000 residents who can take advantage of the high quality of life, affordable housing, convenient access to major highways and airports, quality higher education at the University of Akron, and over 6,000 acres of scenic park areas. 

The word “Akron” means “high” in Greek, and Akron is the highest point in Summit County. Akron was founded by Simon Perkins in 1825 and had its beginnings as a canal town. As the popularity of cars grew, Akron became known as the “Rubber Capitol of the World.” Akron's rubber industry includes B.F. Goodrich Tire, Firestone Tire, General Tire, and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Akron’s link to the rubber industry led some to write Akron off as an industrial wasteland. However, this image is completely undeserved. The city boasts a number of truly beautiful areas and possesses a strong cultural identity. 

According to the US Census Bureau, Akron has 198,402 residents, 14,308 businesses, and a median income of $34,190.