Psychology Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Kevin Kaut supervises two Counseling Psychology graduate students in the advising of undergraduate majors. Under Dr. Kaut's direction, these advisors complete, with the student, contracts of study, class schedules, and registration materials. The advisors provide consultation regarding educational and career planning, and are knowledgeable about departmental resources, services and opportunities. These advisors also help students to keep track of their degree requirements, but it is always the student's responsibility to make sure all degree requirements are met.

If you have a question regarding, or need general information about, a major in psychology, the Psychology department or its faculty, you also may e-mail the undergraduate advisors (see contact information below). The advisors will respond at their earliest opportunity. Please be aware, however, that more complex issues and questions may be handled better with a phone call or personal appointment.

Undergraduate Advisors 2015-16:

Zach Gerdes:
Rebecca Schlesinger: