Paralegal Studies

About the Program

College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) offers an associate degree in Paralegal Studies. There is also a Paralegal Minor (for interested baccalaureate students) and a Paralegal Certificate. The certificate program is directed at persons who already have a bachelor's degree or an associate degree. The Associate degree is directed at high school graduates with strong academic backgrounds and excellent reading, writing, and speaking skills. The Associate degree program should also be of interest to those with past or present college experience who did not acquire a degree.

The objective of the paralegal studies program is to prepare students to use strong reasoning and analytical skills, and excellent communication and writing abilities, to assist attorneys in the performance of legal services. The objective of the paralegal studies program's instruction will include developing a student's skills in the following areas:

  • Legal research and writing
  • Preparation of legal documents for specific areas of law
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Trial preparation and organization

Where Learning is Doing

Internships provide valuable experience for you as a paralegal studies major. Through a 180-hour internship in a private law office, government office or a court, you will work as a legal assistant for academic credit.

An internship will help you learn what a career in this field is all about and help you make important career decisions.

Student Activities

Classroom training is enhanced through student activities. As a paralegal studies major, you may be interested in participating in organizations such as the Politics Club, the Pre-Law Club, and several professional paralegal organizations.

Participation in a Paralegal Student Organization provides valuable professional experience and an opportunity to interact with other students and professionals in the legal field. For more information please contact Professor Patricia Wallace.

All of the courses are be taught by attorneys or certificated paralegals.

Career Opportunities & Job Postings

The field of paralegal studies is one of the fastest growing career specializations in the nation. An associate's degree of certificate in paralegal studies places the legal assistant in the professional arena with attorneys, judges, and others who are decision-makers in our law-oriented world.

Often referred to as "paralegals," legal assistants provide technical support to attorneys and may perform many of the same tasks. Although not permitted to give legal advice, they may, however, appear before many administrative agencies and also assist in court proceedings under the supervision of an attorney.