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Artists, Consultants, Lecturers, Musicians, etc.

The Office of General Counsel developed University Service Agreements for use when there is a need to engage outside professionals such as consultants, performers, lecturers, artists, and other personnel services. Prior to a commitment being made to outside professionals for services, all agreements and/or forms must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Purchasing in advance.

Outside professionals are hired for specific short-term tasks and are employed in the capacity of independent contractors. Failure to meet specific guidelines, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), could result in these types of individuals being considered employees, with possible tax/benefit cost ramifications to the University. In addition to the agreement, it is also necessary to create a requisition in Peoplesoft so that the purchase order can be generated in Peoplesoft.

Campus Bookstore

The University Bookstore is the exclusive seller of all required, recommended or suggested course materials and course supplies including books, textbook rentals and materials published or distributed electronically through our learning management system or over the internet.  Please call ext. 7936 or visit The University Bookstore to order items using the University issued PCard.

Departments are permitted to purchase other items from the bookstore as a convenience. However, departments should, if possible, utilize applicable existing contracts available to assure the greatest savings. Examples include the office supply contract and/or computer peripheral contracts available through our ESM easyPurchase Program, which may be accessed here.

Central Stores (order paper, surplus, shredding etc.)

Central Stores is responsible for the University's centralized receiving function, as well as providing an in-house inventory stocking program for miscellaneous supplies, and is responsible for the sale and/or disposal of surplus supplies and equipment.

Computers, Hardware & Software

Academically priced computers, hardware, software and peripherals for departments, students and personal use.

Copiers & Printers

The Cost per Copy Program, a centralized and efficient copier management compliance program, provides all equipment, supplies and service to departments and will be charged back at a single cost per copy.

Office Supplies, Electronics, Scientific Products, etc.

The ESM easyPurchase program is a spend management suite to automate our “procure-to-pay” process. The University expects to see cost savings through online ordering from contracted supplier catalogs, as well as overall process improvements by using this application. Departments will be able to access on-line catalogs and automatically view the University's contract pricing. Purchasing encourages departments to refrain from sharing pricing with competitors.

Promotional Items

AG PrintPromo Solutions, Global Promotions & Incentives, and Consolidus LLC are the the vendors the University’s Managed Promotional Sourcing Program uses to promote the name and offerings of the University. These items are not for resale, and are typically distributed to such groups as current or prospective students, alumni and friends of the University, UA event attendees or UA staff. Some examples of promotional items include: pens, mugs, key chains or tote bags.

Purchasing Guide

The Department of Purchasing organizes and administers the procurement of services, equipment, and materials for The University of Akron in accordance with the responsibility and authority delegated by the Board of Trustees, the University President and the laws of the State of Ohio. All purchases, regardless of the funding source, must be administered by the Department of Purchasing in accordance with established University procedures.


T-shirts with UA logos or identifiers are given to many groups, teams, donors, prospects, alumni and friends of the University to recruit or retain students, build public awareness, and/or for appreciation. 

The departments of Purchasing and University Communications and Marketing worked together through a public bid process to identify T-shirt vendors who could offer the best pricing, quality and service for non-retail (giveaway) T-shirts, while ensuring UA brand consistency. Two vendors were chosen — The AG Group and Consolidus; both vendors have trademark registered University logos on file, are familiar with UA brand standards and have artists on staff if you need help with your design.  In addition, both vendors offer user-friendly, online shops customized specifically to UA. If you have questions not addressed in their online stores, you may contact them directly. 

Online Shop and Contact Info:

NOTE:  The cost savings in utilizing this program is of considerable importance, along with the longer reaching, enduring effect of brand image consistency, any usage of a T-shirt vendor other than these two must be cleared through the Department of Purchasing

Vacuum Cleaners

Changes of the Janitorial Contract for the campus has created the need for vacuum cleaners for some departments. Please review the information for the recommended and approved vacuums for campus use.