International travel policies for faculty, staff and students

We recommend that all faculty traveling abroad on University business complete a travel registry form; it is required that all students traveling abroad and study abroad programs register their travel plans with the International Center.

The University of Akron maintains an agreement with International SOS to provide emergency-type services to faculty and students traveling abroad; services range from telephone advice and referrals on travel, medical, legal and security issues to full-scale medical evacuations.  It is important to note that unless the International Health and Emergency Insurance reference below is purchased, some of these services will be on a fee for service basis.  Click here for a copy of the International SOS card.

The University of Akron offers International Health and Emergency Insurance which provides basic accident coverage for students studying abroad or employees traveling abroad; coverage includes medical evacuation, repatriation, political evacuation and natural disaster evacuation and is designed to cover the services offered by International SOS.

See more information about the International SOS program or the International Health and Emergency Insurance or contact the International Center.

In addition, it is always recommended that when renting a car abroad, the traveler purchase auto liability and physical damage coverage from the rental agency.

Please contact Matthew Beaven at 330-972-6268 with any questions about the University's insurance and risk management programs.