Club Sports facility request

All requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Priority scheduling deadlines are set in October for Spring Semester and April for the following Fall Semester. Any questions regarding the request should be sent to Club Sports Administration.

Fill out appropriate sections below. Separate requests must be submitted for individual events.

Contact information

Name of Club Sport:

Primary contact:

Officer position:



Event Type:   Practice Event / Competition

Event scheduling

Facility requested:

Preferred date and time:


Event start time:

Event end time:

Alternate event date(s):

Estimated number of athletes:

Estimated number of spectators:

Age range of group:

Practice scheduling

Facility requested:

For recurring practice times, include end date and days of the week.

Requested start date:

Requested end date:

Practice start time:

Practice end time:

Requested day(s) of week:

Will non-UA student coaches be at practices?

Additional information

Detailed explanation of event and any additional needs related to the request. Include helpful information such as: facility setup time, equipment needs, scoreboards, tables, chairs, staffing needs.

Student Recreation and Wellness Services reserves the right to determine space allocations for any event. Completion of this form does not guarantee the request will be granted. Events are not confirmed until done so by Club Sports Management in writing.

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