Research at the University of Akron

Research at UA

The University of Akron seeks to increase relevant knowledge for it stakeholders, including students, industries, governments and educational institutions. The University sees its research as a driver for finding meaningful solutions to advance the region. UA's research initiatives include:

  • Research expertise in polymers and advanced materials, biomaterials and medical devices, advanced energy, computational science, and nanotechnology
  • 70 new technologies disclosed each year
  • A leadership role in the BioInnovation Institute in Akron
  • Collaboration with industry through more than one hundred active sponsored research projects
  • Entrepreneurship initiatives including the Akron Regional Change Angels (ARCHAngels) investment network that connects emerging companies to funding sources
  • A technology transfer program that ranks first in Ohio in efficiency of commercializing research
  • A nationally recognized research foundation (UARF) that shares its expertise with other major Ohio universities
  • Collaboration with the Greater Akron Chamber to build, attract and retain high tech companies in Northeast Ohio
  • A commitment to attract and graduate more students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines through partnership in Akron’s STEM-focused high school

Research News

New discovery finds missing hormone in birds

03/24/14 - A finding by Akron researchers, led by biology professor R. Joel Duff, may offer insight into the mystery behind birds’ lengthy migrations and winter fasts.
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Ohio Third Frontier awards creative innovation

02/13/14 - The University received the largest award of any public research university in the most recent set of grants issued by the Ohio Third Frontier.
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When did feathered dinosaurs become warm-blooded?

02/13/14 - A new discovery by UA biologist Matthew Shawkey and international research team shows pigment cell shape holds the secret.
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NSF awards $400,000 for novel sensor technology

02/05/14 -

The technology holds promising advancements that span from photodetectors for medical devices to sensors used in automobiles.

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