Research at UA

The University of Akron seeks to increase relevant knowledge for its stakeholders, including students, industries, governments and educational institutions. The University sees its research as a driver for finding meaningful solutions to advance the region.


Working with UA and its Research Foundation

The University of Akron's research services offer support for:

  • Industry:
    • Providing access to research expertise
    • Facilitating testing and research services
    • Licensing UA technology
    • Providing graduate student interns
  • Entrepreneurs and startups:
    • Conducting customer discovery and market research
    • Mentorship by experienced UARF Senior Fellows
    • Providing paths to funding
    • Adding student interns to supplement your team
  • Faculty:
    • Supporting grant applications
    • Helping with technology commercialization
    • Partnering to reach out to customers and learn about markets
    • Patenting and licensing new technologies
  • Students:
    • Providing internships and unique opportunities
    • Forming teams to learn what its like to launch a product through I-Corps Sites
    • Making investment recommendations on real companies through NEOSVF
    • Supporting area businesses through internship partnerships

Research News

UA partners with two universities in research for NASA

The researchers have received an $840,000 grant to collaborate on projects for NASA and the International Space Station.
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Easy riders — enjoy the trip, thanks to ‘cool helmet’

A helmet that doesn’t get hot, even in hot weather? The technology developed by a UA research team could benefit soldiers and motorcycle riders alike.
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Bauer’s stitches were doomed to fail, UA engineering student says

Biomedical engineering student Chloe Tennant is presenting her research on the risk assessment of Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer’s recent finger injury at the 2016 Heal Ohio Conference.
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Chemical engineering among research areas at UA ranked internationally

The University of Akron has the strongest chemical engineering research in the state of Ohio says the latest National Taiwan University Ranking.
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