Community and Industrial Graduate Assistant Program (CIGA)

The Community and Industrial Graduate Assistant Program (CIGA) is intended to further graduate education by providing students with opportunities to refine their training in settings where they can also contribute to the quality of work and community life.  The program links graduate students to on-going work in the community through the mechanism of organization-sponsored assistantship opportunities.  

CIGA Deadlines and Procedures (updated 3/2021)

F-1 Student CIGA Eligibility (updated 2/26/2018)

CIGA Contract/Application (revised: 01/11/2024) For best results, open link, save document to your device, close document and reopen using Adobe. 

CIGA Deadlines:


Contract to ORA for review, signature, and transmittal to company

Signed contract returned to ORA CIGA start date CIGA end date
Summer February 15 April 1 1st day of summer semester* Last day of summer semester*
Fall June 15 August 1 1st day of fall semester* Last day of fall semester*
Spring November 1 December 15 1st day of spring semester* Last day of spring semester*

*For semester schedule, see UA's official academic calendar. If a deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline will automatically be extended to the next business day.