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UA Office of Research Administration

In February 2019, the ORA moved to Leigh Hall, in the heart of campus.  UA metered visitor parking is usually available in front of the James A. Rhodes Arena or in the Student Union loop.  Both locations are less than a city block walk to Leigh Hall and can be located using the Maps feature on UA's homepage.

ORA Mailing Address, Location Info

U.S. Mail

The University of Akron

Office of Research Administration

Akron, OH  44325-2102

Campus Mail ORA +2102
Campus Location

Leigh Hall

Administration: inside LH 515

Administration & Staff:  LH 506

ORA Contact Information





Home page:

College/Unit Department(s) Pre-Award Post-Award
BCAS Biology, Psychology Becky Campbell Vivian Campbell
Education Becky Campbell Kim Kemp
All others Becky Campbell Contact Christie Rodgers
CBA All Becky Campbell Kim Kemp
COE Biomedical Emily Njus Contact Christie Rodgers
CBCE Jennifer Miller Contact Christie Rodgers
Civil Emily Njus Kim Kemp
Computer Sci & CIS Jennifer Miller Kim Kemp
Dean's Office Jennifer Miller Vivian Campbell
Electrical & Computer Jennifer Miller Vivian Campbell
Mechanical  Jennifer Miller Kim Kemp
Polymer Sci/Polymer Eng Emily Njus Vivian Campbell
CHP All Becky Campbell Kim Kemp
LAW All Emily Njus Kim Kemp
Student Success Academic Achievement, Upward Bound Jennifer Miller Vivian Campbell
Other Units OAA, VP Student Affairs, SRWC, ZipAssist, Libraries Emily Njus Kim Kemp
All others (Archives, Medina, etc.) Emily Njus Vivian Campbell

Name Ext. Email

Allen, Philip, Director, UA Research Administration


Campbell, Becky, Sr. Grant Coordinator (pre-award)

  • BCAS:  All 
  • CBA: All
  • CHP:  All

Campbell, Vivian, Grant Accountant (post-award)

  • BCAS:  Biology, Psychology
  • COE:  Dean's Office, ECE, PSPE
  • Student Success: Academic Achievement, Upward Bound
  • Other Non-Academic Units: Archives, Medina, etc.
  • CIGAs for the above units

Evans, Kathee, Coordinator/Asst. to Director and Assoc. Director


Hergenrather, Diane, Research Billing System Analyst


Jentner, Carolyn, Accounting Specialist


Kemp, Kim, Sr. Grant Accountant (post-award)

  • BCAS:  Education
  • CBA:  All
  • CHP:  All
  • COE:  Civil , Computer Sci/CIS, Mechanical
  • LAW:  All
  • Other Units: OAA, VP Student Affairs, SRWC, ZipAssist, Libraries
  • CIGAs for the above units

Miller, Jennifer, Sr. Grants Coordinator

  • COE: CBCE,  Computer Science & CIS, Dean's Office, ECE, Mechanical
  • Student Success: Academic Achievement, Upward Bound
  • CIGAs/internships:  All

Njus, Emily, Mgr. Pre-Award Research Administration 

  • COE: Biomedical, Civil, PSPE 
  • LAW: All
  • Other Units: All, including OAA, VP Student Affairs, SWRC, ZipAssist, UA Libraries, Archives, Medina, etc.

Rodgers, Christie, Dir. Post-Award Research Administration


Watkins, Kathryn, Associate Director


Student Assistants