Featured UA Chemistry Technology

Wiley Youngs’ new drug can be administered by inhaler to treat serious illnesses. The silver-based medicine effectively cured lung infections in an animal study and outperformed the platinum-based drug used to treat Lance Armstrong’s cancer in head-to-head testing.

Heavy metal capture
E3 Materials, a UARF startup led by a UA graduate, is developing patented chemicals that capture heavy metals in water or steam. Heavy metals, which are a byproduct of many manufacturing processes, can cause corrosion, pose a danger to human health or damage the environment.

Clean coal fuel cell
Steven Chuang’s coal fuel cell produces twice as much energy per pound of coal as coal burning power plants and easily captures carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Instead of burning coal, the fuel cell uses catalysts to speed up the reaction of coal and natural gas with air. FirstEnergy and the National Science Foundation have contributed almost $4 million to develop the technology.

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