Residence Hall Handbook



Addresses and Mail Procedures

It is important to use the addresses listed. Otherwise, your mail may be delayed in its delivery or returned to sender by the post office.

All US Mail, including packages (e.g. cards, letters, magazines, newspapers):

Address Format:

Student Name
Hall, Room Number and Letter
185 E. Mill Street
Akron, OH 44325


Mailing Services will pick-up mail from the USPS station that has service responsibility for the University.   Each day, mailing services will deliver USPS mail to each residence hall student mailbox. Only United States Postal Service mail that properly fits in your mailbox is delivered directly to the halls. Residents will be notified by Mailing Services if they have a package to retrieve.  Package pick up is located at the entrance to Rob’s Café. Please note that mail delivery times may vary. If you have any questions or concerns regarding mail delivery or package distribution, please call 330-972-7585.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

The University of Akron strictly adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). This act governs the privacy of education records and provides guidelines for the disclosure of education records and for the correction of incorrect data.  Further information regarding the University’s FERPA policy is available at

A FERPA waiver form is available from the Department of Residence Life and Housing and at The form allows a student to grant permission to the University to discuss the student’s education records with designated individuals.  Permission may be revoked at any time.

Residence Hall Renter’s Insurance

Although all precautions are taken to secure the building and your room, the University will not be responsible for any loss or damage — from any cause — to the personal property of students. As a student, you assume all responsibility for your personal property.

The Department of Residence Life and Housing strongly recommends that each residence hall student invest in renter’s insurance.  With all of the electronics and other belongings in your room, a loss due to theft or damage could easily be over $1000.  Without renter’s insurance, you may have to replace these items out of your pocket.  Insurance for students in residence halls is sometimes covered under your parent/guardian homeowners insurance.  Please discuss renter’s insurance with your family so you are protected.

The University of Akron currently makes available through an outside insurance agent, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, a personal property insurance program designed specifically for students. The plan is eligible to all registered students, undergraduate or graduate, and to all study abroad participants.  It is a voluntary program that a student may choose to enroll in if they find the coverage adequate for their needs.  The University makes the coverage available to the students purely as a service only and does not receive commissions from the program.  Haylor, Freyer & Coon currently administers the plan and details of the plan may be obtained by contacting either Haylor, Freyer & Coon or the Office of Risk Management.  See a brochure of the plan.

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