COVID-19 Dashboard

Posted Wednesday, March 1

Next update: Monday, March 6

This dashboard, updated weekly, depicts statistics related to cases, academic instruction modes, and prevention activities.

TThis data is being shared in a manner that protects medical and educational privacy of individuals. With this information and other data, we will consult with public health experts to make decisions about operations and safety measures.

Main Campus Positive Cases by Week

Figures include students, employees and contractors who tested positive on campus or self reported.

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Wayne Campus Positive Cases by Week

UA Lakewood Site Positive Cases by Week

Medina Site Positive Cases by Week


Contractors are third-party vendors who have a daily presence on campus such as banking, retail sales and food service providers.

Availability of community protective equipment


 Hand sanitizer 

 Disinfectant spray

 Disinfectant wipes


 Inventory on hand and replacements expected to be delivered within standard lead time. Follow standard operating procedure.

 Limited inventory on hand and replacements not expected to be delivered within two weeks. Prioritize use.

 Limited inventory and/or disruption to the external supply chain. Conservation procedures required.

Maintenance of enhanced cleaning

 Enhanced cleaning across campus


 Disinfection two to four times daily and daily deep clean

 Disinfection once daily and daily deep/routine clean

 No daily/routine disinfection or cleaning