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Employee expectations

If you get sick with or exposed to the virus

Should you or a family member be exposed to someone with COVID-19, suspected to have it, or if you become ill yourself with either COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19, you must:

  • report off work by notifying your supervisor,
  • remain home for the number of days designated by the contract tracer, and
  • notify Michelle Smith in Human Resources at

See information about sick leave due to COVID-19.

You can be around others after:

  • 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
  • 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and
  • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving *

* Loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation

See also:

If you have a fever

If your temperature exceeds 100.4°F, you should notify your supervisor that you are ill and remain home.

If you have a fever, you must stay home until you meet the three bullet points above.

Flexible work arrangements

With supervisor approval, employees may continue to work from home under the Flexible Work Arrangement Policy.


Limitations on travel are in place.

Face coverings

You are required to wear face coverings in accordance with University guidelines.

Physical distancing

Meetings: You are encouraged to use of virtual meeting platforms and limiting, whenever practical, the frequency of in-person meetings.

Elevators: The capacity for passenger and freight elevators has been reduced. The new temporary maximum capacity is posted on each elevator. Please be considerate and give priority to those with disabilities who cannot take the stairs or those making deliveries.

Be mindful of 6-foot physical distancing guidelines while:

  • using restrooms,
  • using elevators and
  • walking in hallways.

Cleaning and disinfecting

You are encouraged to conduct daily disinfection of common areas and high-touch surfaces including your desk, keyboard and phone.

Each work day, departments should assign staff to disinfect high-touch office areas, including:

  • common area tables;
  • common area chair arms;
  • stair railings;
  • filing cabinet handles,
  • copy machines,
  • door handles,
  • time clocks and
  • portable radios.

Drinking fountains will be disabled, but the no-touch water bottle fill stations are functional.

In break areas:

  • Use disposable utensils.
  • Sanitize touch areas on refrigerators, microwave ovens, water coolers and coffee pots.
  • Reduce occupancy by about 75%. Consider closing the space for eating.
  • Discard shared containers for candy and collections.

Employees who operate University vehicles should limit the number of occupants.

Personal protective equipment or PPE

The University has provided disinfectant spray, face coverings (two per employee), Plexiglas barriers and gloves when appropriate. Hand sanitizer is available in common-use areas.

Ordering PPE

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is available:

  • Cloth masks. Two were provided to each employee at the beginning of the fall semester. We have a supply for available for employees who did not receive a mask in the fall.
  • Disposable masks.
  • Hand sanitizer in one-liter bottles.
  • Canister of D2 Alpet Disinfectant wipes.
  • Disposable face shields.
  • Reusable face shields.
  • Food-grade plastic gloves used for cleaning.
  • Nitrile gloves in SM, MED, LG, and XL (used for labs and when interacting with people not for cleaning). Note: Gloves are in high demand and are still on backorder.
  • Vinyl gloves in MED, LG and XL.

When requesting PPE, please provide:

  • How much of each PPE is needed?
  • When do the items need to be delivered?
  • Where should the items be delivered?

Send departmental requests for the above items to Mark Beers, campus emergency management coordinator, at

Other cleaning supplies should be requested through Physical Facilities.