2023 Guidelines for classes

The University of Akron is monitoring COVID-19 and its variants, tracking our campus and local vaccination rates, and continuing to vaccinate and adjust our layered mitigation strategy. Our policies and guidelines are based on recommendations from the CDC, the State of Ohio, and state and local health authorities.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the mask policy on campus?    
    Masks/facial coverings continue to be required in the Audiology and Speech Center and Student Health Services for those with certain symptoms.  See the “Mask Policy” section here.
  2. Can I ask students, colleagues or others on campus if they have been vaccinated?    
    No. You should not ask anyone about their confidential medical information, which includes vaccine status. You can encourage students and your colleagues to upload their vaccination information into Med+Proctor where Health Services will have access to help expedite the process of determining who is exempt from quarantine in the event of an outbreak. 
  3. Can I require students to wear masks in my class?
    Not generally. Faculty/instructors may wear a mask to teach and can request that students wear a mask, but cannot require it. 
  4. Can I switch my fall in-person class to online?     
    All courses should be offered in the modality already established for the semester. No faculty/instructors should unilaterally change the instructional modality for any course.  
  5. Do I still have to keep a seating chart for my class?  
    No, it is not required.
  6. I’m vaccinated but prefer to wear a mask when conditions improve. Is that OK? 
    Yes, and face shields are fine too. 
  7. How can I get a microphone to use while teaching?
    Faculty/instructors should contact audio visual services to check out a microphone.
  8. Do we have a new COVID syllabus statement?

Because our policies could change rapidly, please include this statement on your syllabus.

COVID-19 is still present and serious. Before entering class, you should have completed your daily health assessment. You should not come to class if you fail your health check or feel ill. At that time, I also ask you to notify me that you will be absent. While you are in class on campus, you are required to: always cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue and adhere to other public safety protocols and directives for your specific classroom/lab/studio. Students who do not follow these health and safety requirements will be instructed to leave class immediately. Students who violate this protocol will need to leave the classroom and MAY be marked absent. Repeated violations of these health-saving protocols may lead to sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct, up to and including suspension or expulsion. Current guidelines can be found at: uakron.edu/return-to-campus/.