Daily health checks and contact tracing

We are asking students and employees to perform daily health checks. Contract tracing will be used to limit the spread of the virus.

Daily symptom check

thermometerBefore you leave your home for campus, you should complete a symptom check, including temperature with a personal thermometer.

As an additional service, touchless temperature scanning kiosks will be available across campus. If your temperature is high, information at the kiosk will guide you.

If students fall ill, Student Health Services will perform COVID-19 testing for people exhibiting symptoms at the discretion of the campus medical provider. Students will need a scheduled appointment with Health Services.

All students and employees will be asked to carefully monitor their health and self-quarantine when they feel ill or after extensive travel. If you travel from a state reporting 15% or higher positive test rates for COVID-19, self-quarantine is required.

If you feel ill.

Contact tracing

With local health departments, the University is developing teams of contact tracers to support county operations. This will allow us to respond quickly and appropriately, inform potential contacts and guide them on the next steps to limit the spread of COVID-19.