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Updated March 17, 2021

University-sponsored international and domestic travel restrictions are in effect until further notice. In general, all non-essential travel is prohibited and no future University-sponsored travel may be booked until further notice.

The following exceptions are permitted for the following curricular, contractual and other functions:

  • Academic or student organization necessity to engage in field or other mandated curricular or approved activities where participants are within 15 minutes travel distance of the UA. Facial covering during travel is required.
  • Academic necessity to engage in field or other mandated curricular activities within Ohio when participants use private, single person transport to and from the destination. No car-pooling is permitted.
  • University sanctioned athletics travel having pre- and post-testing associated with an approved travel safety plan.
  • Essential academic recruiting, other essential business, or research travel approved by the responsible Dean or VP.

Additionally, we strongly encourage students, faculty and staff to reconsider any personal domestic travel to highly impacted areas within the United States.

Individuals who have been approved for international travel by the relevant dean or vice president must submit an Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Risk form for travel to CDC Level 3 Destinations and follow all UA, county, and state guidance regarding COVID-19 precautions.

Quarantine requirement for travelers returning from high-risk areas

Quarantine is required if you enter Ohio from a state or country considered high risk. Quarantine requires isolation in a location with private bathroom and bedroom. Shared space would require those sharing the space to be in quarantine as well. Travelling with others from high risk areas can put you at risk of quarantine.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Governor Mike DeWine has issued a Statewide Travel Advisory. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has categorized countries into COVID-19 Health Notice levels. Level 3 is “high risk” and Level 4 (most countries) is “very high risk.”

For students living in a residence hall:

Students are strongly encouraged to evaluate their travel plans. If students travel away from campus, they are asked to take all possible precautions, including mask use and quarantining prior to interacting with friends or family.

Students who leave campus to travel out of state are strongly encouraged not to return to campus for the remainder of the semester. Those who choose to return are asked to notify Residence Life and Housing so it can be determined if there will be a need to quarantine upon their return.

For students living off campus:

If you enter Ohio from one of those states or countries, you are required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

For employees:

If working from home is not feasible or if the person has become ill, please refer to leave options available to employees on the HR site