General travel information and requirements

University-sponsored international and domestic travel restrictions are in effect until further notice. In general, travel is permitted under the following circumstances:

  • Academic or student organization necessity to engage in field or other mandated curricular or approved activities where travel is local. Facial covering during travel is required.
  • Academic necessity to engage in field or other mandated curricular or co-curricular activities within the United States when participants use private, single person transport to and from the destination. Car-pooling is discouraged.
  • University-sanctioned athletics, club sport and student-organization competition travel having pre- and post-testing associated with an approved travel safety plan.
  • Travel to local community service projects is permitted. Participants must follow UA COVID-19 safety policies and should adhere to any additional protocols required by the host site.
  • Essential academic recruiting, other essential business, or research travel approved by the responsible Dean or VP.

Note for student organizations

  • Recognized student organizations wishing to travel will need to register their travel with the Student Organization Resource Center (SOuRCe), Office of Club Sports, or the School of Law. Contact a representative from the respective office with questions.

Policy details for domestic travel: print policy

Shorter travels (measured by distance and time)

Travel within 8 hours driving distance and having two or less overnight stays:

  1. Submit a travel request to the appropriate department Chair/Director authorized to approve your academic-related travel.
  2. Complete the corresponding Emergency Contact and Travel Waiver documents.
  3. Notify each person intending to travel that s/he must upload their Covid-19 vaccine record to Med-Proctor at least two weeks prior to the scheduled departure.
    • If a Covid-19 vaccine record has not been uploaded to Med-Proctor, the student(s) will need to either, submit proof of vaccine status and upload it to Med-Proctor 72 hours prior to planned departure date, or schedule a Covid-19 test no earlier than 72-hours prior to planned departure. Prior to departure, the student must submit a negative test result to the appropriate department Chair/Director that approves travel requests.
    • The faculty member leading the trip will coordinate with his/her department Chair/Director to verify vaccine statuses two weeks prior to the planned departure.
    • The faculty member leading the trip will coordinate with his/her department Chair/Director to verify negative test results within the 72 hour period prior to departure.
  4. Faculty are responsible for understanding the requirements set by the local area being visited since these will likely reflect any current health orders in that respective state or city.
  5. Receive Department Chair/Director approval for the travel plans.

Longer travels (measured by distance and time)

Travel MORE than 8 hours driving distance or with three or more overnight stays:

  1. All the above
  2. Provide a written plan to your Chair/Director indicating provisions to be taken if an unexpected sickness arises, or a Covid-19 positive test result while travelling. This plan should also identify a location where a Covid-19 test can be completed while travelling, and the link to plans and/or requirements set by local health authorities that govern actions related to positive Covid-19 findings.

Note: The University generally will not pay for quarantine periods required by destination cities or states. The traveler may be responsible for any additional travel costs outside of the approved travel.

Additionally, we strongly encourage students, faculty and staff to reconsider any personal domestic travel to highly impacted areas within the United States.

International travel

Additional information for those traveling internationally

Faculty, staff and administrators who have been approved for international travel by the relevant dean or vice president must follow the Travel Registry process and the Travel Guidance on this page.

You must also:

Revision date 9/22/2021. These policies will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.