Areas of study in the School of Communication

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor of Arts concentrations

The School of Communication houses a comprehensive program that leads to careers in the communication field.  The school’s flexible programs offer the diversity demanded by the twenty-first century workplace, which continues to demand advanced communication skills.

The school allows students to pursue a concentration in one of these three areas:  Media Studies, Public Relations and Strategic & Organizational Communication.

Media Studies

Media Studies prepares students for careers in video production, radio/TV and journalism.  Students study the business models of the media industries along with media law and theory. They acquire practical skills in writing for different media platforms and video production.

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Public Relations

Public Relations prepares students for corporate or nonprofit workforces. Students develop important skills – writing, creating strategies, building tactics and objectives, and evaluating public relations cases. These skills will serve the students throughout their lives and careers.

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Strategic & Organizational Communication

Strategic and Organization Communication equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop, evaluate and critique organizational, interpersonal and public messages.  Courses in this area prepare students to communicate effectively in relationships, workplaces and the broader democratic context.

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