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A Call for Interested Parties.  If you would be willing to serve on the University Council or one of its committees then please click here and we will put you name on an interested parties list.

More information on the committees

The Staff members on The University Council are:

Committee Name Member Name Classification
University Council  Ruth Nine-Duff, Vice Chair SEAC Board
Marjorie Hartleben SEAC Board
Nancy Homa SEAC At Large
Budget and Finance
Ruth Nine-Duff SEAC Board
Dominic Cardarelli SEAC At Large
Pam Duncan SEAC Board
Amy Freels SEAC At Large
Information Technology
Kathee Evans SEAC Board
Mike Carson

SEAC At Large

Institutional Advancement
Michele Novachek SEAC Board
Barbara Pizzute SEAC At Large
Physical Environment
Max Fightmaster SEAC Board
Shawn Stevens SEAC At Large
Recreation and Wellness
Tony Ross SEAC Board
Danica Houle SEAC At Large
Student Engagement and Success
Debbie Gannon SEAC Board
Jennifer Minista