SEAC Issues

SEAC continues to discuss issues with the administration in an attempt to better the working environment for all non bargaining unit staff members at the University of Akron. This page is designed to help both staff and administration keep track of issues that have been presented and the current understanding that SEAC has of the state of those issues.

Date Issue Generated Issue Title Issue Description Currents Status

Nov, 2017

Compensation for non-bargaining staff

SEAC submitted a proposal to University Council asking for a timeline to address the compensation inequities between various employee groups on campus.

June, 2018 - After approval by University Council, Nathan Mortimer presented the FY2019 budget to the BOT for approval, which included a 3% raise for all non-bargaining staff employees.

May, 2018 - UC TD/HR reported to UC Budget & Finance committee that the cost of giving all non-bargaining staff a raise at 1% is $700,000 to $800,000.

April, 2018 - President Wilson referred the concern to Rex Ramsier, Exec VP & Chief Admin Office and UC TD/HR Committee for review.

Feb, 2018 - TD/HR Committee presented the recommendation to UC Committee.   There was a motion supporting the request of SEAC and CPAC (81% yes/19% no).   A Resolution was prepared by UC supporting strongly the requests to President and Provost to provide a timeline and criteria for the return of salary increases to their members.

Jan. 2018 - Compensation issue was forwarded to the UC Budget and Finance Committee and the Talent Development and Human Resources Committee.

Dec, 2017 - CPAC reviewed the letter submitted by SEAC to UC detailing the concerns their constituents have raised regarding compensation as well.   

Spring 14

Sick Leave Bank Revisited



August, 2018 - SEAC sent an email to TDHR requesting the status of the Sick Leave Bank.    TDHR responded that the policy and Board Rule is on hold at the moment because of many changes in the department.    We will continue to follow up to keep this approved policy moving forward.

May, 2018 - Talent, Development and HR administrators currently writing University Policy and Rules for employee applications and distribution of the Sick Leave Bank.

April 6, 2018 - President Wilson approved the policy and referred to Rex Ramsier, Exec VP & Chief Admin Officer and the department of Talent, Development and Human Resources.

Feb. 13, 2018 - Presented proposal to University Council.  There was a motion to recommend the sick leave policy with 95% percent approval.  UC referred to President Wilson.

Feb, 2018

Wellness Incentive Program If an employee chooses a healthy lifestyle, why can't those employees receive a reduced rate on their medical benefits?  Why doesn't UA implement a Wellness Incentive Program?

March, 2018 - UC - TD/HR Committee reviewed concern and is working closely with the Recreation and Wellness Committee.  In mid-March, members of each committee met to discuss.    In the meantime, the Wellness Center website needs updated with information and programming.

Feb. 2018 - Referred to Recreation and Wellness Committee and Talent Development and Human Resources Committee.

Fall 15

Cell Coverage at Wayne College Request to work with Verizon to improve Cell service at Wayne College Issue has been referred to CFO for review.

Spring 14

Sick Leave Bank Revisited Requesting a sick leave bank policy for staff and contract professionals Has been reviewed by HR, Finance, and Legal.  Currently at Ohio Attorney General's Office for review

Spring 12

Part-time faculty Fee Remission Part-time faculty have fee remission for their families and part-time staff do not. General Council stated that in 2002 the Board voted for the part-time faculty family fee remission.  SEAC would have to begin by making a recommendation through the University Council.

Spring 12

Part-time faculty get OBEN Part-time faculty are eligible for OBEN (discounted Time Warner internet service) and part-time staff are not. ITS is currently discussing the new contract with Time Warner and will bring this up in the meetings.  It may take awhile before anything is known.  OBEN is no longer available to UA.

Spring 09

Revision of SEAC Bylaws Past bylaws were obsolete. Have approved a rough draft and are in final discussions on just a couple of key issues. Should be complete very soon. Update: Based on HLC recommendations, new bylaws are being discussed at University Counsel (Spring 2015)
Fall 07 University Council Exploratory Committee Campus Wide Shared Leadership Iniative Participated in discussions for the last two + years on the formation of a Global Decision making entity. Wrapped up bylaws in March which have been submitted to the Faculty Senate. Updated:University Council is a recognized entity with pending bylaws
Unknown - at least for last five years. Sick Leave Bank Sick leave bank for employees that would allow for employees to share sick leave with others who do not have any. Denied - Administration believes that it is not legal even though other institutions are doing it. A.G. Monaco (Human Resources AVP) indicated that in exigent circumstances, the board has made allowances to employees.
Summer of 06 Staff Service Awards Service Awards should be every 5 years, increasing in worth. Approved - Service awards now are given every five years.
Fall of 07 Fee Remission Update Complaints by staff members on how fee remission is applied(i.e. Legal Custody, dependent etc.) In Holding - Made informal recommendation to the president during fall 08 meeting with him that perhaps some type of discount system could be employed if fee remission is not able to be changed due to federal guidelines. Note, The Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education (quasi parent organization to SEAC) also is looking into fee remission as an issue of how to collaborate with other institutions. (I.E. Staff from UA could take classes at Kent etc.)