The Server and Cloud Services group handles the systems administration functions for all the enterprise-level server, storage and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) systems for the University, as well as many departmental and specialized systems. Systems administration functions include specification, acquisition, installation, configuration, testing, monitoring, maintenance and management of both hardware and software.

SCS manages approximately 400 servers (both physical and virtual) running Windows, Linux, UNIX, MacOS, z/OS and VMware. These systems provide most of the core computing infrastructure for the University. The group also manages the information storage platforms for these servers.

The SCS team works collaboratively with academic and administrative departments to understand computing and communications needs and to design appropriate technical architectures to provide these services. SCS staff serve as technical resources and partners for most UA projects that require ITS involvement.

In managing all these diverse systems, our overarching goals are to make them as secure, fault tolerant, highly available, and efficient as possible, providing appropriate enabling technology to the UA community at a reasonable cost.