Undergraduate Program Curriculum Requirements

The bachelor's degree in social work requires completion of a minimum of 128 credits, 46 of which should be under the social work major. No credit is awarded for life experience or for prior work experience. 

Students wishing to major in social work must request an intercollege transfer to the College of Health Professions, School of Social Work from their current college.  A 2.75 grade point average and 30 credit hours is required for admission to the School. Once admitted to the School, a separate admissions packet must be completed with the School in order to be admitted as a social work major in good standing. 

Please note recent curriculum changes:
Beginning with the the fall 2015 semester, two major changes are in place:

  • The social work degree requires 120 credits;
  • Students may take any non-required 7750 course to meet the 6 credits of 7750 electives, including the 200-level courses in Addiction.

Students who are already declared social work majors BEFORE August 31, 2015 must complete 128 credits.

Students who are declared social work majors AFTER August 31, 2015 must complete 120 credits.

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A liberal arts base

The social work major is built on the liberal arts base which is contained within the General Education Program of The University. Nine courses comprise the liberal arts base for the social work major:

Course number Course title
3750:100 Introduction to Psychology
3100:103 Natural Science Biology
3850:100 Introduction to Sociology
7750:276 Introduction to Social Welfare
7750:275 Introduction to Social Work Practice
7750:270 Diversity and Social Work (formerly known as Poverty & Minority Issues)
7750:427 Human Behavior and Social Environment I
3250:100 Introduction to Economics 
3250:200 Principles of Microeconomics 
2040:247 Survey of Basic Economics
3700:100 Government and Politics in the U.S.
2040:242 American Urban Society

Admission to the social work major

Students are required to complete an application process known in the School of Social Work as the pending process which is outlined in the Pending Checklist.  Requirements for admission to the social work major include:

  • Acceptance into the College of Health Professions
  • A minimum GPA 2.75 for all courses
  • 30 credit hours is required
  • Completion of all General Education requirements for the four year degree, including math  and English (exception: Humanities and Area Studies requirements, may be taken later)
  • Completion of nine courses comprising the liberal arts base for the social work major (see courses listed immediately above)
  • Completion of 500-word, typed, double-spaced autobiographical statement explaining the student's interest in social work
  • Three professional recommendation forms completed and submitted (i.e. college advisors, professors, and employers)
  • Complete Request for Application Review form