The Master of Social Work Program is a joint degree program administered by The University of Akron and Cleveland State University. The Joint MSW Program began in January 1995.


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This degree program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

The curriculum of the Joint MSW Program is designed to prepare students for advanced level professional practice in Social Work. The program provides a rigorous intellectual base, an opportunity for effective skill development, and an educational perspective that views human diversity as desirable and enriching to society. 



The mission of the Joint MSW Program is to prepare students to engage in advanced professional practice with and on behalf of diverse populations in Northeast Ohio with emphasis on the health, well-being, and quality of life of oppressed and vulnerable people. We promote the dignity and worth of the person, human diversity, cultural competence, and social and economic justice through scientific inquiry, creative activity, and service. We advance the social work profession through collaboration with the community.



  • To prepare competent and effective practitioners to carry out the purpose of the social work profession with emphasis on its knowledge, skills, and values
  • To advocate for social and economic justice and human rights, professional integrity, and the importance of human relationships consistent with social work’s history, purpose, and philosophy.
  • To partner with and provide leadership to the communities of Northeast Ohio in order to develop an effective service delivery system to address human needs and enhance experiential learning opportunities.