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Join us for our department’s Spring Lecture Series, where scholars at UA and across the region share innovations in teaching and research. All are welcome to these events! Please check back for times and locations. 

February 10 (Friday): Jodi Henderson-Ross & Matt Lee, Akron

March 6 (Monday): Elizabeth Cooksey, Ohio State

April 21 (Friday): Jill McCorkel, Villanova

April 25 (Tuesday): Meghan Novisky, Cleveland State

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Masculine men, women might be more likely to abuse prescription drugs, UA study finds

The Akron Beacon Journal reports on a new study conducted here finding that young men and women who exhibit stereotypical masculine traits might be more at risk of abusing prescription drugs. Full story.

Recent Headlines

  • Dr. Xi and Dr. Lee receive award to study Zen mindfulness

    Dr. Xi and Dr. Lee have received a grant to support a randomized controlled trial study of the health and wellbeing effects of Zen mindfulness meditation compared to secular mindfulness meditation. Click through for pictures and more information about the project. 

  • Assistant Professor Janette Dill's research featured in the New York Times

    Assistant Professor Dr. Janette Dill's research on men in health care was recently featured in The New York Times. You can read the article here.

  • Student Poster Session
    Student Poster Session

    Students in professor Rob Peralta's Race and Crime graduate seminar presented their research projects in a poster session at UA. Excellent work done by all! Click through for more pictures. 

  • Collaboration between faculty and former graduate students

    Associate professor Stacey Nofziger and former graduate students Rachel Stein (now at West Virginia University) and Nicole Rosen (now at Penn State Behrend) have collaborated on a study children's and caseworker's reports of physical violence. Click to read more about their study. 

  • Guest Lecture on Zen and Health
    Guest Lecture on Zen and Health

    In May, a Zen monk Van. Dengjue visited us and gave a talk on “Zen and Health”. He encouraged us to be mindful about our body, our action and our emotion to build a positive environment around us individually and collectively. He also emphasized that compassion, or seeing the suffering of others is the way to solve problems and conflicts in our life. 


Each offered 100% online

1. Mixed Methods in Health Care; 3850:365-411 INTERSESSION

2. Sociology through Film; 3850:365-413 INTERSESSION

Enjoy movies? Need three-credit hours of a Sociology elective? This is the class for you! You will watch select films and apply sociology to the stories, characters, settings, and more!

3. Meaning of Life; 3850:365-413 INTERSESSION

4. Social Inequalities; 3850:320-410 SUMMER SESSION I

In this class, we will explore how the changing economy impacts every day life for Americans. Topics we will cover include patterns of inequality by race, gender, class, education, family life, and in health. 

5. Criminology; 3850:330-410 SUMMER SESSION I

6. Women and Crime; 3850:416:421 SUMMER SESSION II

** Intro to Sociology is also offered during Intersession, Summer Session I, and Summer Session II