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Join us for our department’s 2017 Lecture Series, where scholars at UA and across the region share innovations in teaching and research. All are welcome to these events! All events are held in Newman 276 in Olin Hall unless otherwise noted. More events will be added!

October 6th (Friday, 12-1:30): Getting ready for the job market (Janette Dill and Joann Xi)

November 3rd (Friday, 12-1:30): Co-authoring with graduate students (Rob Peralta)

December 1st (Friday, 12-1:30): Using the Center for the History of Psychology in the classroom (Jodi Kearns)

February 2 (Friday, 12-1:30): Susan Fisk, Kent State 

March 2 (Friday, 12-1:30): Deborah Kwak, Malone University

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  • 3850:336 Sociology of Work and Occupations: Learn about the labor market and the work experience in today's economy. The class will include an emphasis on using and presenting data to learn about occupations and industries in today's labor market. 
  • 3850:340 The Family
  • 3850:342 Sociology of Health and Illness: Learn about how and why getting sick is sociological! Why do the rich have longer lives than the poor, even in countries like the United States? Why are men more likely than women to die of a heart attack? Why do women live longer than men? How do laws, like the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), actually affect our health?

    This course will use podcasts, Census data, and other resources to show how sociology offers unique insight into these questions!

  • 3850:343 Sociology of Aging
  • 3850:455 Family Violence
  • 3850:365 Applied Research to Commuter Students' Life: This un-class involves problem-based and experiential learning. The University of Akron is largely a commuter university with an estimated 90% of students commuting from off-campus.  Commuter students face unique challenges in staying in school and graduating. The problem this un-class will address is: What do UA students need to stay in school and successfully complete their programs of study? How can we build better pathways and support structures so we can create a better campus climate for commuter students? Students will use data that has been collected from University of Akron students and design research methods to study the problem further.  A focus will be on writing the findings for and presenting to different audiences (the media, the university administration, other students).

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Recent News from the Sociology Department

  • Sociology of Sex & Gender Poster Session

    Students from the Spring 2017 Sociology of Sex & Gender class presented their final research project posters in the EXL Center in Bierce Library.  Covering topics such as sex work, suicide, health and life expectancy, eating disorders, teenage pregnancy, and same-sex dating and courtship, the posters were viewed by students and faculty on Wednesday, May 10th.  The Sociology Club provided refreshments. Click through for pictures!


  • Dr. Xi travels to Vietnam for invited conference

    Dr. Joann Xi was invited by the World Bank to present her research at the International Conference on Gender and Displacement in Ha Long Vietnam. The conference was hosted by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam and jointly sponsored by the World Bank and UN Women.

  • Alumnus Janardin Subedi receives Distinguished Scholar Award at Miami of Ohio
    janardin-subedi-125Alumnus Dr. Janardin Subedi, professor of sociology at Miami (Ohio) University, was a recipient of the university's Distinguished Scholar Award for a faculty member in business, education or the social sciences.
  • Sociology club students present at NCSA

    Several members and officers of the UA Sociology Club attended research sessions and professional networking activities at the 92nd annual North Central Sociological Conference in Indianapolis, Ind., March 30-April 1.

  • Dr. Xi and Dr. Lee receive award to study Zen mindfulness

    Dr. Xi and Dr. Lee have received a grant to support a randomized controlled trial study of the health and wellbeing effects of Zen mindfulness meditation compared to secular mindfulness meditation. Click through for pictures and more information about the project. 

Welcome to Sociology!

The Department of Sociology at The University of Akron is an active community of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members who apply the tools of sociology to better understand and improve our ever changing and complex world.   As teachers and scholars, we work to create a welcoming environment for all.  We respect and celebrate our diversity as we collectively pursue inclusive excellence in learning and teaching.
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Sociology is a social science involving the study of social life.  We examine the social origins and consequences of human interaction, social inequalities, and social change.  As sociologists, we study topics spanning the social structure of intimate families, complex organizations, and the sociology of violence, crime and deviance.  Our topics also include the sociology of altruism, the sociology of health and health behavior, the sociology of work, the sociology of substance abuse and the sociology of social psychology.  As sociologists, we use many different scientific methods to study social life that range from in-depth interviews, archival research, and statistical modeling of survey data.  Our sociology courses provide students with empirically based and theoretically rich perspectives on our social world that are distinctive from other disciplines. If these topics and this perspective interest you, stop by our department and meet our award-winning faculty!  We look forward to meeting you.