Graduate degree options

Sociology at The University of AkronThe primary mission of the Department of Sociology is to produce and disseminate sociological knowledge. At the graduate level, the department focuses on Medical Sociology, Sociology of the Family, Social Inequality, Social Psychology, and Deviant Behavior. For 25 years we have offered the Ph.D. in conjunction with the faculty at nearby Kent State University. Students wishing to pursue a doctoral degree in the joint doctoral program are admitted to either Kent State University OR the University of Akron. While the degree is earned at the university of admittance, once admitted to the program, students, faculty, and courses are treated as a single graduate department. Coursework is offered at both campuses and faculty and students interchange freely.

For our students, the department's mission is reflected in the acquisition of sociological research and teaching skills, the expeditious completion of the degree, and the production of an independent, original dissertation. Our graduate program provides leaders in college and university education, research, and policy planning and assessment in major community agencies, businesses, government, and health care organizations in Ohio, nationally and internationally.

Our program seeks to admit full-time students who expect to complete a Ph.D. at The University of Akron. Students generally do complete the requirements for the Master's degree in the process of pursuing the doctorate. However, we recommend that students who are not interested in receiving a Ph.D. or who are interested in a part-time program of study consider applying to Sociology programs that focus on awarding Master's degrees and which are better able serve the needs of part-time students.


Dr. John Zipp, Director of Graduate Studies

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