Campus at The University of AkronOur mission is to produce and disseminate sociological knowledge.  For our graduate students, this is accomplished through the acquisition of research and teaching skills.  A benefit of the graduate program at the University of Akron is that it is part of a joint program with Kent State University.  While students enter the program through either department, they take course work and interact with faculty members from both schools and have access to the facilities located in both departments.  This unique program allows students access to state of the art computer labs, an experimental lab, a qualitative research methods lab, a survey research lab, and student office space. 

The joint program in Sociology leads to the Ph.D. degree. While the M.A. is awarded in the course of working toward the Ph.D. for students who enter with a B.A. preference for admittance and funding is given to students who are intending to complete the Ph.D.  Therefore, students who are only interested in pursuing a terminal M.A. degree are encouraged to consider other programs. Students with a B.A., M.A., or other advanced degrees are welcome to apply. Admitted students, regardless of the degree they currently hold, are expected to complete all required coursework. The program is intended for students enrolled full-time (i.e., 9-10 credit hours per semester). Applications are considered once a year, during the spring semester, for admission to the program starting the following fall semester.

We hope the information offered here is helpful to you and encourage you to explore the Department of Sociology and the University of Akron.

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