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Sociology-associated degrees and Interdisciplinary programs

The following programs are interdisciplinary with Sociology.

PSP Track: Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in conjunction with Philosophy and Psychology
  • See degree details

Criminology and Criminal Justice degree

  • Interdisciplinary program that combines resources from Sociology, Political Science and Criminal Justice
  • See degree details

Early Assurance Pathway to Medical School majors

Honors Program

  • Honors students have the opportunity to work with sociology faculty on sociology-related honors research projects
  • See the Honors College

EX[L] Center

  • The Sociology department is closely involved with the EX[L] center in helping our students engage in experiential learning
  • Our faculty often offer “Unclasses” that are specialized topic courses for undergraduates to get unique and hands-on experience
  • See the EX[L] Center
  • See current and past [Un]Classes