Software @ UA

Oracle Peoplesoft  logo
An industry leader in higher education, the Peoplesoft suite of applications cover Finanicals, Student Records, and Human Resources
My Akron logo
A subset of Peoplesoft, My.Akron is the student intranet covering registration, single-sign-on to resources, student records, and more.
Springboard logo
Springboard is the Learning Mangement system for UA offering a portal for student and teacher interactions online.
MS Office
The Microsoft office suite of programs includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, and Visio
sharepoint logo
Sharepoint - from Microsoft - offers power tools for document sharing and collaboration
outlook logo
Outlook/Exchange - the desktop and online versions of these applications manage email, personal calendars, contacts, and tasks.
fourwinds logo
The FourWinds Interactive program allows for the management of intractive touch-screens throughout the campus
spss logo
A powerful statistical package, SPSS is a leader in the industry.
sas logo
A powerful statistical package, SAS is also a leader in the industry.
adobe logo
From PDF files to complex image editing, the Adobe Suite of programs is the "go-to" for image editing and creation.
dotCMS logo
The dotCMS Content Management System is the primary tool for managing the UA main website.
qualtrics logo
Qualtrics offers powerful tool to create and deploy in-depth and sophisticated online surveys.