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Can I take a course as pass/fail?

Credit/Noncredit Option (undergraduate and postbaccalaureate only)

A student who takes a course on a "credit" or "Noncredit" (CR/NCR) basis, and who earns a grade equivalent of "A" through "C-," shall receive credit ("CR") for the course and have the grade, "CR," placed on the permanent record; a grade equivalent of "D+" through "F" will be recorded with the noncredit grade, "NC."

For the baccalaureate degree, no more than 16 credits of non-language courses and no more than 20 credits in total (including language courses) are permitted to be taken on a CR/NC basis.  For the associate degree, no more than 8 credits of non-language courses and no more than 10 credits in total, including language courses, is permitted. 

A student is eligible for the CR/NC option if the student has:

  • Completed 50% of the number of credits required for a degree;
  • A GPA of at least 2.30; and
  • The consent of an advisor.

The CR/NC option is available only at the time of registration for the course.  After the first week of the term or first two days of a summer session, the status cannot be changed.  The registrar will notify the instructor of those students utilizing the CR/NC option by means of the final class list.

Courses that can be taken CR/NC basis:

  • One free elective (not in major field) course per term;
  • Any first-and/or second-year foreign language course at any time, regardless of grade-point average.

Courses that cannot be taken CR/NC:

  • Any General Education courses
  • Course required by colleges and departments of all undergraduate majors

Courses for which "CR" is awarded will be counted as hours complete only; courses for which "NC" is awarded shall not be counted as hours attempted; in neither case shall "CR" or "NC" be considered in calculating grade-point average, but in both instances the course shall be entered on the student's official academic record.

A student may repeat a course for credit (CR), or a grade (A-F) after receiving a grade of "NC."

A college may designate in the printed schedule on an annual basis a course as not available to be taken on a "CR/NC" basis.

A student taking a course "CR/NC" basis is expected to meet the full requirements for the course as required by the instructor.