Hearing Aid Orientation Program (HOP)

Hearing Aid Orientations Programs (HOP) are offered at the Audiology and Speech Center on a regular basis. Designed for individuals with hearing impairments and their significant others,important information, suggestions, and ideas for coping with hearing impairments are provided.

The Hearing Orientation Program (HOP) is open to anyone whose life has been touched by hearing loss. We welcome people who have experienced hearing loss, their family members, friends, and neighbors to a series of classes designed to inform, entertain, and support the participants. The group is run by doctoral students in the Au.D. program and an audiologist faculty preceptor.

Topics include:

  • Session I Hearing Aids-Use, Function, and What's New
  • Session II Hearing and Hearing Loss, Understanding Your Audiogram
  • Session III Assistive Listening Devices- Demonstration and Hands-on Experience
  • Session IV Tips for Listeners, Friends, and Family-How to Make the Most of Listening with a Hearing Loss