Athletic Training Clinical Education

A large component of the ATP is clinical education. Clinical education refers to the application of knowledge and skills, learned in the classroom and laboratory settings, to actual practice on patients under the supervision of a clinical instructor. Students are required to complete four sport rotations, ranging between 150-200 hours per semester. Additionally, the ATP includes two practicum courses (25 clinical hours each), one field experience course, and a high school rotation.

Associated requirements

  • Liability Insurance: Students must obtain liability insurance through the Office of Risk Management here at UA. Students must show proof of this before starting any off campus clinical rotation. The current cost of this liability insurance is $20 for one year.
  • Physical Exam: Students must show documentation of a medical physical exam prior to starting any clinical education. This can be obtained through the student’s health care provider or at Health Services.
  • TB test: Students must show proof of a negative TB test. This can be obtained through the student’s health care provider or at Health Services.
  • Immunization Records: Students must show proof of their immunization records. Specifically showing record of the following – Hepatitis B, TB, Rubella, Rubeola, Chicken Pox, and Mumps.
  • Transportation: Students will be required to travel to off-campus sites to complete clinical education. Students are responsible for the off-campus travel costs.

Student Handbook

PDF icon Download the Athletic Training Student Handbook

Active Communicable Disease Policy

PDF icon Active Communicable Disease Policy

Technical Standards

PDF icon Technical Standards

Associated fees

There are costs associated with the Athletic Training Education Program. The following items will need to be purchased by the athletic training student during the clinical education program:

Polo shirt (or additional clothing) $20-25
Travel costs to off-campus sites Variable
Vaccinations, TB testing, etc. Variable

All costs are approximate, and every effort will be made to keep costs low. Some of these costs are incorporated into the course fee structure.

Clinical Education Affiliate Sites

University of Akron facilities

  • Health Services
  • Student Recreation
  • Intercollegiate athletics

Local hospitals

Physician offices

Outpatient rehabilitation centers

Professional sport organizations

High schools